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Simply put, mastering is the art/science of applying the same tools used during the mixing process of your music to the song as a whole. The tools are the same, but the process is different since every action is applied to every instrument and track. We try to make sure that details are present without being harsh – that the song feels warm without being muddy. Most importantly that each song feels the way it is supposed to. We approach songs with the ears of a musician. We also understand the need for modern music to be competitive with other music in the marketplace. With todays modern equipment, there’s no reason why recordings produced outside major label studios can’t compete right along side them.

Audio Mastering

Frequency equalization, compression, peak limiting, de-essing, expansion, harmonic enhancement, stereo manipulation, dither and more…

PreMasterCD Preparation for Duplication

Redbook compliant masterdisc or DDP archive creation, with metadata encoding of CD text for compatible players, ISRC and UPC

Album Sequencing & Formatting

Artistic decisions regarding song order, gap lengths, hidden tracks, fade ins, outs, and crossfades

Audio Restoration

Old or poor quality recordings can be much improved digitally

Noise Reduction

Special filtering to remove unwanted artifacts

Vinyl to Digital Transfer

Vinyl LP’s can be converted using professional quality converters to digital file formats.

Film and Television

Mastering services available for film scores, songs, and soundtracks. We will make your music is as rich and balanced as possible for your film or television production. Rates are dependent on the length of material.

Mixing Services

Much like mastering, mixing is best left to those dedicated to the craft. We can recommend the right mix engineer to craft the sound you’re looking for.