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Since 2014, Bellwether Mastering has been committed to providing the highest quality audio mastering services at affordable rates to artists and labels.
Joe Goodwin, audio, engineer, Bellwether, Capricorn, mastering
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Joe Goodwin is a musician first. He’s been playing, beating, sampling, manipulating, and singing music of almost every genre you can imagine since he was very young. Joe approaches mastering as yet another form of expression through music. In it, he tries to help you¬†(the artist) say what your music needs to say.

Joe Goodwin completed his Bachelors in Music at the University of Montana in 2002. After moving to San Diego he joined Bryan Stratman at Capricorn Studios in 2007 to start mastering at the¬†downtown San Diego studio. Thousands of songs and dozens of albums later Joe brings his love of studio production to Portland Maine, as Bellwether Mastering. When he’s not mastering, producing electronic music as C-dr, or making furniture art , he likes spending time with his family in the beauty that surrounds us.

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